Josh Carmichael gave Ben Carter of his thoughts ahead of the bank holiday weekend fixtures.

Ben Carter: At the Terras we have seen you play as a CB, what position is your favourite to play?

Josh Carmichael: I would say playing in midfield is my favourite but to be honest I’m more than happy to play centre back as well. I used to play there until I was 16, then I got moved forward into centre midfield so it’s taking some getting used to again but feel like I’m getting it more and more!

BC: Have you ever been involved in a game in which your keeper scored the winner? What was the general feeling in the changing rooms after Travers’ goal?

JC: Never! It was unbelievable, the fact that he has meant it as well makes it so much better! Me and Jake mentioned how far off the line the keeper was in the second half and thought about it ourselves and Goody (Brandon Goodship) had a couple close attempts too but then for our goalkeeper to spot down the free kick from 60/70 yards and lob him was unreal! Obviously the whole team were buzzing even more so at the fact it got us the 3 points, I’m sure I’ll never witness it again!

BC: With it being our second home game of the season, how important is it to you and the team that we pick up our first 3 points at the Bob Lucas Stadium?

JC: It’s massive, we all feel like we let the fans and ourselves down on the first game of the season, we didn’t produce the kind of performances that we had been in pre-season so it was disappointing but we put that behind us, went away to two tough places got 6 points. Now we are focused on getting another 3 points and a good performance at home for the fans!

BC: Obviously it is our much anticipated Derby against Dorchester Town on Monday.  Is this a hot topic amongst the squad? Is preparation the same as for every other game?

JC: Obviously it is a massive game and it has been mentioned but we are all focused on Saturdays game first! We can only think about the next game, taking each one as it comes and the preparation is always the same no matter who we play. We will start to think about that game at 5pm on Saturday, hopefully with another 3 points in the bag!

BC: How would you feel you have settled in here at Weymouth? Has it been easy gelling with the team?

JC: Settling in here has been so easy for me!! I’ve known Charlie for years now and I knew a lot of the new boys coming in, so I knew that would make it easy for me but even the lads that I didn’t know before this season have been really good. The whole team is gelling really well! There is a good atmosphere around the changing room, we all enjoy the banter but we are all focused and serious as soon as we step over the white line and for me it’s the perfect way to be!

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