WHILE Mark Molesley believes management is “not for the faint-hearted” he is embracing the challenges that lie ahead in his unique dual role.

An assistant to Carl Fletcher in the Cherries’ under-21 set-up, the popular 36-year-old also stepped up to become the manager of Weymouth in April.

The former Cherries’ midfielder is currently putting in the hours and miles to strive for success in both positions.

And although Molesley admits he is not the finished article just yet, he believes the opportunity to learn from those around him can only enhance his managerial craft.

He said: “It’s not for the faint-hearted this manager’s role. I have found that out straight away!

“The job is relentless. I will be away for an evening game, then back home and in at Bournemouth planning training in the morning.

“As soon as I get home from there, I will be planning and preparing for Weymouth the next evening.

“It’s a six-day week with a few evenings in there. A lot of phone calls.

“I have a very supportive family and support staff around me. Without them I would find it hard but I am certainly not a one-man band.

“At the moment we are all enjoying the ride, there will be a lot of ups and downs but it’s important we keep learning and react to some trials and tribulations.”

Molesley’s Terras’ appointment came having had a taste of the under-21 hot seat at Vitality Stadium on an interim basis.

He took charge after Stephen Purches had stepped up to become a first-team coach at the Cherries under Eddie Howe last season.

Now as an assistant to Fletcher, the former Exeter and Aldershot man claims his time in the Cherries’ set-up is hugely beneficial for his project in the non-league ranks.

“I am very fortunate in my role at Bournemouth,” he added.

“I do a lot of learning there and get to bounce a lot of ideas off fantastic people.

“I am like a sponge there and it’s a case of applying it at Weymouth and working out the best way to do that.

“I am learning on the job at the moment but I am surrounded by good staff.

“I speak to a lot of people and try to get advice. I try to take the good bits I have learned along my career and also learn from things I probably didn’t agree with as well.”

As a player, Molesley was one of Howe’s first permanent signings in January 2009 after originally joining the club on loan from non-League Grays Athletic.

And he admits the Cherries’ boss is someone he finds inspirational to his own managerial style.

“I think everyone knows I played some of my best football at Bournemouth and I was lucky enough to be around the manager there.

“He is someone who I believe in and taught me the most.

“I am lucky enough to bump into him every now and again. He always asks how it is but he has got enough on his plate!

“In the life of a manager, time is precious, but he is always more than helpful and asks how it is going. I am lucky that, if ask him a question, he usually gives me the time of day. I just try to pick and choose when to use my tokens up with him!”

He added: “The main thing I take from Bournemouth are the values and the morals, which I think I always adhered to as a person.

“They are hard work and attention to detail and they are the things I apply to management. The people there are a massive influence on me. Now it’s my chance to put my stamp on things.”

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