WEYMOUTH director of football Paul Maitland has spoken about the Terras’ desire to move forward after his new role was announced at a fans’ forum, following the 5-0 win against Gosport Borough.

Tom Prodomo steps into his former assistant manager role while both have emphasised that it is no change for Weymouth, while Maitland discussed his aims for the future following the announcement of his new role.

Maitland said: “We believe that this will be another step for us to move forward how we want to move forward so it is a case of trying to keep a good smooth progression.

“It is also going to be a case of keep trying to build the club in the community and we are looking at different pathways for the youth football coming through, and how we open that up and how we get that right.”

He also spoke about the youth set-up, something which came up when a question regarding the disbanded reserve side was asked during the forum.

During the forum Weymouth manager Mark Molesley said: “It was a difficult decision to disband the reserves.

“We had to accept that we had a reserve team of players who were not going to make it in the first team and were costing the money from the first-team budget.

“It was more beneficial to keep the best young players on dual registration. It was the most financially viable route to take and the first team has benefitted from it.”

After the forum, Maitland told Echosport: “It is something that we will not be rushing into but we are in dialogue with the youth set-up now and we want this to be the club where all local young players want to strive to be at and we want to give them something that has longevity to it and make people proud to wear that Weymouth shirt.

“We are fortunate that the group of players we have feel that way but it has to carry on beyond this season and into the next and into the coming seasons and it is about building blocks and putting the right things in the right place.

“There are some tough challenges ahead for me personally, there are some tough challenges ahead for us as a management structure but it is one that we embrace and look forward to.”

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