Manager Mark Molesley talks to Louie James of ahead of our Pre-Season friendly against Exeter City. How is squad shaping up going into the game with Exeter?

Mark Molesley: It’s shaping up really well at the moment. The players are itching to play football and play games and can’t wait for the season to start. At the moment the games are like dress rehearsals ahead of the upcoming season but Exeter are a good side who will be very strong and a good test but the boys like being tested so it will be good for us. Decent. Are you still looking for new players to boost the squad or are you happy with how it is at the moment?

MM: If the season started tomorrow I’d be happy with the squad we have at the moment. I’m happy we have managed to keep everyone except one player and the signings we have made will strengthen the squad for the season. If the right player comes to notice who fits the character and budget then we wouldn’t say no. We are always looking to improve so never say never about future signings. Fair enough. The squad did really well last season so hopefully they can build on that this season. Who is your footballing hero?

MM: Paul Gascoigne for sure. I watched him at the first World Cup I remember and loved his character on the pitch. I think he was so skilful and I loved watching him and loved the way he played. He also definitely helped to influence me as a player. Unfortunately I never had the chance to watch him but I’ve seen clips of him from the past and he did look top quality. In your opinion, is it more satisfying playing or managing?

MM: That’s a difficult question and one I’ve never thought about before. But nothing beats playing. The feeling you get when you turn up as a team to a game as if you are at war with the opposition is amazing. Managing I would say is more pressure as you are responsible for everything and you are passing the trust to the players during the game and there’s nothing you can do yourself out on the pitch. I love them both but they are really different to each other. I bet both feel great after a win though! Finally who do you think would win in an arm wrestle between you and your assistant manager, Tom Prodomo?

MM: I would win. I don’t lose. Even if I was losing I would do something like pull his hair or make him laugh to make sure I win!

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