Dorchester were gallant triers



Few will find anything to complain about ever the results of last week’s games. Weymouth were not unduly flattered by their 5-0 victory over Dorchester in the first round of the Dorset Senior Cup as they were clearly the superior team.

Pickett was again the life of the attack and some of his terrific shots would have beaten a less capable goalkeeper than Clark.

Among the highlights of the match was brilliant individual runs of McGowan who led Legg a merry dance and scored another grand goal.

Anderson led the line with excellent judgment and his speed repeatedly unsettled the Dorchester rearguard. Ames who came in for Redfern began well but faded out as the game progressed.


Dorchester played a more robust game but their forwards, apart from Penny, lacked method, while Lawes, Summerbee and Gavin gave them few chances to get within easy shooting distance.

In his first appearance in the senior team Gavin was tried at left-back and gave a sound display but today’s cup game against more experienced opposition should have provided a better guide as to whether he is the best man for this position.

There was some good natured banter between Anderson and Rowe and one amusing interlude had the crowd roaring with laughter. During a Weymouth raid the whistle had gone for off-side but Anderson carried on and drove the ball past Clark and was then greeted with a hearty hand clap from the ex “Pompey” play. “Andy” acknowledged it with a graceful bow.

But for a grand display by Clark in the Dorchester goal, Weymouth would have totalled more than five against them in the first round of the Dorset Senior Cup. Same of his saves were spectacular and earned him the applause of the 4.200 crowd.

Dorchester’s efforts were often more vigorous than those of Weymouth, but were without result against the more experienced and clever professionals.

Many of Weymouth’s swift attacks through the middle were halted by Rowe. He invariably came off best against Anderson in the air, but he found the centre-forward’s speed very disconcering. Dorchester had their moments, but their attack was generally ineffective and Jennings did not have a really difficult shot. Three goals by Anderson, Pitney, and Pickett before the interval meant the end so far as Dorchester were concerned.


The second half was a battle between Weymouth forwards and half-backs and a determined, but at times demoralised, defence. McGowan was always prominent on the Weymouth left wing with his solo runs and it was a reward for a consistent display when he scored a smart goal. Anderson added the fifth. Gavin, playing his first game in the Weymouth senior side, created a good impression at left back.

The nearest Dorchester came to scoring was when Gavin turned the ball back to Jennings, but Dodson nipped in to gain possession. The goalkeeper smothered the ball before the centre forward could hook it in.

Of the well beaten Dorchester team, Prowse, T. Clark, and Penny occasionally flashed into prominence.

Weymouth: Jennings, Summerbee, Gave, Pitney, Lawes, Horlock, Redfern, Pickett, Anderson, Gallacher, McGowan

Attendance: 4,200

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