This is the first in a new feature where we get to know the players, staff, volunteers and long-time fans of Weymouth Football Club via a series of quickfire questions.

First up is Head Performance Analyst Danny Webb, who spoke to Eddie Knell from

Eddie Knell: Which team do you support?

Danny Webb: Arsenal, the mighty Gunners!

EK: Leading on from that who was your footballing idol growing up?

DW: My footballing idol was definitely Freddie Ljungberg. He was a fantastic footballer and I idolised him so much that when I was younger, I use to occasionally dye the middle of my hair red like a Mohican as his hair was the same haha!

EK: Who would have thought it! Moving away from football now. What do you think are the best and worst chocolates in the celebrations box (other chocolate boxes are available)?

DW: I’d have to say the best celebration chocolate has to be the galaxy original and worst for me is Snickers. Shock I know but I actually don’t mind Bounty chocolates!

EK: Good choice. What type of music do you listen to?

DW: If I had to choose a band I’d say Oasis just over Coldplay but overall I listen to hip/hop and dance sort of stuff if I had to choose!

EK: What would be your 1st choice holiday destination?

DW: Ah that’s quite a tough one! I think I’d have to go with Cancun in Mexico. I went there about 10 years ago and it was an amazing holiday! My first time I tried pizza too so I have to put that down as my first choice holiday destination, would just have to get over the flying part haha!

EK: We know you’re a busy man but what do you do in your free time when you get it?

DW: I mean I spend most of my time watching back our most recent Weymouth game but if I do have some spare time, I love going horse racing with my family, or I actually end up watching other football on tv. I’ll watch any football from any league to be honest!

EK: You are football mad! What is your favourite part of the Christmas dinner?

DW: Ah that’s a straight forward question for me it’s definitely pigs in blankets! Such a good part of the Christmas dinner they should be a regular on meals throughout the year!

EK: I couldn’t agree more, and finally… Can the Terras go all the way this season?

DW: I’m very confident that we can! It’s an absolute pleasure to watch this group of players week in week out, they are a fantastic lot to work with and be around on and off the pitch and I am very lucky to be in the position I am in! The fans must enjoy some of the football that is played in front of them and I am confident that we can go all the way this season! We just need our fans to believe and stick with our brilliant players and management team as enter the half way point of the season!

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