As he closes in on 300 first team appearances for the club, Club Captain Ashley Wells talks to John Pritchard of to go over his time at the club.

John Pritchard: Can you remember how it came about you joining the first team and do you remember what the day was like?

Ashley Wells: I was doing well at Portland United and (Micky) Greeno was friends with Brendon King who was the manager of Weymouth at the time. Mick Greeno phoned me one night and said that Weymouth had put in a seven day approach for me and they asked me if I would like to move. Straight away, it was a no brainer. It’s a team I’ve followed as a kid. It’s my local team, the team I support.

JP: Yeah that is superb! I’m sure you haven’t looked back since! You have obviously been at the club for a long time. With what Mark Molesley has done with our club since taking the job full time and with the reconstruction of the squad, do you think the lads we have now are some the best we have had? Added to that, do you think this squad had the most potential to go the whole way and get us promoted and even push for more?

AW: Yes definitely. Moles (Mark Molesley) has great contacts and he knows a good player when he sees one. A lot of the current players have been at a pro club and some of them have been at AFC Bournemouth. The team is bursting with quality players and they are the best group I’ve ever had the privilege of playing with, no doubt about it. Yeah some of these players will definitely play a lot higher level but hopefully still with Weymouth!

JP: Great to hear mate! We are very fortunate to have such a great bunch of players! You are Club Captain of Weymouth, this is something which you have worked hard for and rightly deserve. That must be something you are proud of?

AW: Yes. It’s something I am truly honoured to be as this is a massive club. It’s a club that means a lot to me having watched them as a child! Also being here for 7 years has allowed me to grow even more fonder memories of our club!

JP: Definitely! I’m sure a lot of the youth players will want to follow your footsteps! I’m not sure if you are aware but you are coming up to 300 appearances for the club, how does that make you feel?

AW: Yes I am aware of how close I am to that milestone and it’s something I’d love to reach. It’s a lot of games and I think it shows how hard I’ve worked and how determined and loyal I am to our club!

JP: Couldn’t have said it any better! When playing, we have seen a number of superb performances over the years. It is no secret that whenever you put the shirt on, you will always give 100% and that’s why the fans love you so much! What do the fans mean to you and when they cheer your name, does that help not just the team but you personally?

AW: Yeah when the fans get behind you it gives you that extra lift! Especially when hearing your name being chanted. It’s great to hear that and it helps to drive you on as an individual when you have nothing left in the tank. My little boy also likes hearing “Wellsy” being chanted even though his favourite player at the moment is Goody (Brandon Goodship) but I’ll accept that considering how many goals he’s scored for us!

JP: That’s excellent mate! Do you have any memories that have stuck with you when playing for the Terras when you were a lot younger? Also any when watching the first team from a child?

AW: I remember my first goal and that was a bit surreal! As I’m sure you know too well, I don’t score many! Also, my first training session with Weymouth! Wow that was a killer and I’ll never forget it! As a child my favourite game was the Nottingham Forest FA Cup game away! Going all the way up there to see the Terras draw and get a replay! As a fan that’s what it’s all about!

JP: I can imagine goosebumps of you rethinking of them memories! What are some of the highlights of your time with the Terras so far? Games, pranks, team bonding sessions etc.

AW: Yeah reliving them is something that gives me a buzz when I think back to it! I think the one with Josh Wakefield pulling down Tuney’s (Dave Tune) trousers on our first team photo has to be up there with something that always makes me laugh!

JP: I can definitely imagine mate! That’s absolutely hilarious! Has there been a player, current or from the past who has stuck out in the ways of helping you as a player and person?

AW: I’d have to say Pat Baldwin. He was an absolute gentleman and always believed in everyone at the club and he would always have time for a chat. I also think under Mark Molesley, I’ve become a better player as we get clips and highlight what I could do better and focus on them moments.

JP: I always remembered his humour on the pitch too, to have all them qualities is definitely someone you can rely on for a chat! And yes top work from the gaffer and we definitely can’t forget Webby (Danny Webb)! How do you want to be remembered, either in football or in life?

AW: Of course! A huge shout to Danny Webb. The work this guy does is incredible. He’s sending me clips at 3am the night after a game. It’s crazy how much he does. He’s a great bloke which is a good job when you consider his ice gem haircut! Answering the question though I’d like to be remembered as someone who always gave 100%!

JP: I’m sure you definitely will. You show it week in, week out for the Terras and I’m sure you do with your family and life too!

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