WEYMOUTH will have to conduct some planned work on the Bob Lucas Stadium in order to be able to use it next season, the club revealed at their AGM.

The work, which will focus on the floodlights, roofing and seats, will be carried out in the summer ahead of the new season.

Weymouth chairman Ian White explained: “We need to sort the roof out, we want to change the seating, most of the seating is in a pretty bad position so we are going to sort that and we need to do the floodlights.

“The wiring on the floodlights is suffering a little bit so rather than just renew the wiring we are going to go for the whole hog and just sort the whole lot out, we will hopefully be going to LED lights but we will make a decision before May whether we are going to do that.”

The club do have a safety certificate but it depends on the work being carried out in the summer.

White said: “We need to do it and, as I said at the AGM past boards, I would not say we have neglected doing work at the club because they all thought, and I think we all thought, we would be moving and why would we want to spend silly money updating the Bob Lucas when we knew we were going to be moving.

“That has not transpired yet so we had no real choice.

“We have got a safety certificate but that all depends on us carrying out work in the summer.

“We had to give the council a plan of what we were going to do which has taken some doing, because we have had to get ourselves into a position to do it but we are now in the right place and we can do it.”

When asked about the current situation regarding the land, White said: “The club’s team of Alan Pepperell, Simon Etherington and our legal advisor Gareth Jones are doing a wonderful job.

“I will not beat about the bush, they are and they are sticking with it.

“I think at some stage we will be able to do something soon but when I don’t really know.”

Also at the club’s AGM at the Bob Lucas Stadium, which lasted for 21 minutes, Mark Golsby and Pete Saxby were re-elected to the Weymouth board of directors.

The minutes from the previous AGM were also approved, as were the accounts for the financial year 2017/2018.

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