John Pritchard: Who has the worst banter?

Ben Thomson: Worst banter is Ash Wells or Josh Wakefield by a country mile, both live very boring lives out of football, and both go to a warhammer club (no joke), so that’s the sort of banter I’m dealing with from those two.

JP: Who is the best and worst dressed?

BT: Worst dressed is Calvin Brooks… Still knocks on his old man to borrow stuff from his wardrobe from the gear I’ve seen him wearing over the years!

JP: Who has the worst habits?

BT: Worst habits would be Harry Baker… literally seen road kill with better hygiene than Bakes!

JP: Who has the worst breath?

BT: Worst breath easily Zubes… he has to talk to you really close, when he’s chatting and once he’s started it’s literally impossible to get away from him… could easily wipe out a heard of elephants with his breath so stay away.

JP: Who is the most fined person?

BT: Goody gets fined a lot but he’s skint so always gets away with it… Wellsy is the fine master but spends it all on Dominoes always every Saturday, I swear!

JP: Yeah doesn’t surprise me, or on fish and chips!

BT: Not wrong mate! Either way the fines fund Ash Wells Saturday night take aways!

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