Billy Neale: Firstly, how good does it feel to be a champion?

Callum Buckley: It’s such a great feeling, everyone at the club deserves so much credit for the amount of hard work they’ve put in in to get into this position. It’s definitely been a group effort and I’m proud to be a part of it.

BN: On a personal level this season has been a bit stop and start how frustrating has that been?

CB: It has been really frustrating but injuries are unfortunately a part of football. I’m not used to having so many injuries in a season and it’s been really tough to stay positive but I’ve got some great people round me who’ve helped so much.

BN: So, what has been your favourite game this season?

CB: My favourite game would have to be the first home game of the season against Taunton. When Baggie scored the winner after such a tough game in the last minute it was unreal.

BN: Yeah the scenes when Baggie scored was amazing. Furthermore, what’s been your favourite moment of the season?

CB: It has to be winning the league. When I signed for Weymouth this is exactly what I wanted. So all the hard work and long drives with Webby (Danny Webb) talking nonsense was worth it to go up as champions.

BN: Unsung hero is Webby! The lads in the dressing room were buzzing after and the scenes were something to remember. How much relief but also enjoyment were in those scenes?

CB: It was an amazing feeling, like I’ve mentioned the amount of hard work everyone put in to enjoy moments like those were unbelievable and to do it in front of a big crowd who backed us all the way from minute 1 was unreal.

BN: Definitely mate being in that crowd against Farnborough was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever been involved in. Finally, what do you reckon we can achieve next season?

CB: Next year will be a massive test for everyone. The league above has some really good and massive clubs so we will have to be fully prepared for that but I fully believe and back the club to be competitive in the National League South.

BN: Thank you very much mate and all the best for the summer!

CB: Cheers mate, you too. Up The Terras!

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