Your Champion

Your Champion: Calvin Brooks

by: theterras


John Pritchard: On a personal note how did the season go for you?

Calvin Brooks: I feel it was one of the most enjoyable years I have spent at the club, I was happy with my performance levels over the course of the season, I think I was consistent and chipped in with some goals and assists along the way!

JP: How good was the last month on a personal note too? Some results weren’t going our way however you rescued a crucial point and ended the month double champs and player of the month.

CB: The last month of the season was a real rollercoaster, we were unlucky not to get over the line sooner, we seemed to come up against good teams all at the top end of the form table, but that’s what champions do, sorry that’s what double champions do, they find a way to win and that’s what we did. The player of the month award is such a fantastic award to win, knowing you have affected games consistently and made an impression on the Supporters is fantastic, especially in the crucial period of the season.

JP: Yeah definitely, the last day of the league season was meant to be! Of course we would of wanted to do it sooner, however it made it a great day! How are you feeling going into next season?

CB: The first word that comes to mind when answering that question is tired. My body needs a rest, it’s been a lot of games and a lot of high intensity training and now it’s time to have a three or four weeks rest. The other word I would use is excited, we’ve all been craving a position in the National League South for a long time now and we are finally going to get a crack at it. We won’t fear teams, our players have played in that league and higher, I believe some teams will get a shock when they come to the Bob Lucas next season expecting to walk over us.

JP: Exactly, wouldn’t put it any other way! I’m sure Moles, Tom and Paul etc will be working hard to prepare for it also! Just last one mate, how does it feel when you hear Molesley say how crucial it was when you re-joined after your adventure?

CB: It’s nice to receive praise from the manager but the biggest compliment is to be in the team week in week out and fortunately I have been, both managers I have played under at this football club have always shown great faith in me and I have been lucky enough to play a lot of games for the club and hopefully I can make many more appearances in a Terras shirt.

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