John Pritchard: Looking back, can you remember your first football memory?

Adeoye Olumuyiwa: My first football memory looking back was when I was in year 6 and I got picked to go in goal for the five a side school team!

JP: What was the first position you played properly?

AO: My first position I played properly was in centre-mid back in secondary school for my school team.

JP: Can you remember your first pair of football boots you wore back then?

AO: My first pair of football boots I can remember having was the Nike Mercurials, the red and gold pair.

JP: Leading on from football boots, what was the first football shirt you remember owning?

AO: I’d have to say probably the Manchester United shirt which had the red and black faded strips with AON sponsors on it.

JP: What was the first bit of advice that stood out to you either as a player or as a person?

AO: The best bit of advice that has stuck with me is; “Hard work beats talent when talent don’t work hard!”

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