Abdulai Baggie talks to us and reflects on making 100 appearances for the club, the importance of keeping momentum, his views on VAR and his coaching schools in Dorset.

theterras.com: Over 100 appearances for the club in what seems like no time. How proud are you of this milestone?

Abdulai Baggie: It has been a rollercoaster ride but a very enjoyable one too. Time flies when you are having fun and enjoying your football! For sure I’m immensely proud. To see where the club was a couple of years ago and where we are now; it has been a rapid rise with this group of players and staff. Being a part of that and going on to play over 100 games is a massive achievement. For me now, it is important to keep striving to improve every year and for us to play in the highest league as possible.

theterras.com: On that note, what a season it has been so far! We noticed you recently tweeted about the magnitude of the next couple of months. Just how important is it to keep the foot on the gas?

AB: Yes so far, but we all know how quickly football changes and that’s why you have just got to keep the momentum going and stringing wins and results together to give you the best opportunity. There are plenty of games to go with twist and turns but we feel that we are in a good place as a team at the moment without hitting our potential. There is plenty more to come!

theterras.com: That’s very true! On a slightly different note. We saw you were recently at the Liverpool vs Man City game supporting Adam Lallana at Anfield. As someone who plays the game and coaches, what are your views on VAR and technology as a whole in the game?

AB: I think there are pros and cons to VAR. I am not a fan of play getting stopped on every decision because it stops the flow of the match. People pay money to go and watch quality Premier League games and in recent weeks it has gone a bit mad with decisions in the attackers favour and then where it has not been given. When it comes to toes and shoulders being centre-meters offside then it’s ridiculous. I think it was the Spurs vs Sheffield United game! How ridiculous was that? We want to see plenty of goals when you go and watch games and not for it to be all about VAR.

theterras.com: Can you tell us about about your coaching and plans ahead for your business? We understand you are working in Weymouth as well?

AB: I am currently been doing One to One sessions and group sessions for 2 years now. This is something I enjoy to help the younger generations of kids coming through. I try and do Camps in Easter, Half Terms or Summer Camps. I have been doing coaching in Weymouth for over a year now at a school and the long term plan is to come over and help the schools and the town. I currently work at Yeovil Academy coaching the Under 15s and help out with other age groups if needed on match days.

theterras.com: Great stuff! That leads me on nicely to the last question. What advice would you give any younger local player who has ambition to make it in the Weymouth first team or at any good level?

AB: Stay level headed and grounded. And the most important thing is WORK HARD ON YOUR ABILITY AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! No one owes you anything in life, you have to go and get it!

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