In our latest player interview, we talk to AFC Bournemouth loanee Brennan Camp. We discuss how he’s coping in lockdown and his favourite memories from the season so far.

Josh Barton: How have you been keeping yourself busy during these times?

Brennan Camp: Yes, obviously it’s not ideal being stuck at home but I’ve just been trying to keep myself busy. Trying to get as much running and ball work as I can everyday so when we return, I’m ready to go straight back into it. I’ve got a bit of gym equipment at home as well so trying to keep on top of that, but the good thing is I feel really good in a physical aspect so it’s just maintaining that.

JB: On that note, that moment where you pinged a ball into a bin with that scoop. It created a wave of hits on your social media. Talk us through the technique.

BC: Well I wasn’t originally going for a scoop! It was meant to just be a kick into the bin. But I lost control of the ball on the keepy ups and thought why not give a scoop a go, and first time it went in! You can see by my reaction how surprised I was!

JB: I think we were all a bit bamboozled! There is a bit of a joke going around about the number of MOTM awards you’ve received. On that, you must be pleased that people watching have recognised how well you’ve been playing?

BC: Yes of course I’m pleased with the amount of man of the matches I’ve got since I joined but to be honest, that’s what I’m here to do. To play well and help the team most of all! A few of the lads joke around about it but I think they get a bit jealous to be honest. I keep reminding them that if they play well then they might actually receive one soon!

JB: I remember Ashley Wells was always a shoo-in for MOTM and it was bandied about that it was because he was the local lad so you aren’t alone in that! What’s been your favourite memory so far this season?

BC: There’s been a few to be fair. I enjoyed the 2 away wins at Hemel Hempstead and Concord. They were big games and we managed to hold on for 3 points in both games. I love playing away and winning! I also enjoyed playing at Bath away. A game in front of a lot of fans, not the best of games to watch but I enjoyed playing in that one!

JB: And finally, a message for the fans…

BC: It’s obvious how much everyone is missing football at the minute but at this time, people’s health and safety comes first. We have to make sure everyone is staying at home and following the rules so hopefully we will all be back watching/playing football sooner rather than later!

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