A match we’re ready to take on.

We face Weston-Super-Mare, which will be our last game on the road this month. How has the team found these runs of fixtures?

They were tough games, but we don’t mind that. It’s one that we’ve learnt from, so we’ve enjoyed that side of it. Of course we’d have liked to get more points, but we took this month’s challenges head on. Overall, it’s been a great month for us in terms of learning how to play away from home.

As of today, we’re six points off Weston-Super-Mare. A win would only take us three points off. Is this where the fine margins that you spoke about become vital?

Well, this is a Weston-Super-Mare team who have won their last three games. Their side has been together a couple of years now, and they’ve had a good season. We’ve done a lot of work on them, and we know we’re heading to a difficult place with a good atmosphere. But, like the other away games, this is a match we’re ready to take on.

As we’ve said before, our Saturday record is very good. However, our Tuesday record has been more of a challenge. Is this game a perfect way to overcome what has been an obstacle for us this season?

Well, this is an afternoon Boxing Day game so it will be slightly different. Everyone is on their holiday, but it’s important to remember that we must still prepare as well as we can. I want my players to enjoy their Christmas dinner whilst keeping in mind that there is still a job to do. We need to make sure that we’re better prepared than Weston-Super-Mare.

After Dover, we will have now played half our league games this season. As we head into the second half of the campaign, will there be new challenges that will arise?

There will definitely be new challenges. You’ve now got to step up to a different level, after having four or five months of understanding how to play with each other, so the second half of the season is always important. You can either be in the play-offs or fighting relegation.

The main important thing is, as I’ve repeated before, changing draws into wins. Once we do that, we will be safe.

Tom said that a big part of boxing day fixtures is the fan turnout. Although this is an away fixture, are we able to still use our support to our advantage?

We’ll still be taking our fans, and that will be fantastic. They’re sacrificing their Christmas to come and watch us, so our job is to get three points. We need to put on a good performance for them.

As always, what has been the key message going into Saturday’s game?

Preparation is key. Enjoy Christmas as much as you can whilst remembering we still have a game the next day. We need to prepare better than Weston-Super-Mare.

Interview by
Jack Webb

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