This week Ben Carter of caught up with Weymouth Defender Calvin Brooks

Ben Carter: Being one of the clubs longest serving players in the current squad, what is the reason that makes you want to sign a new contract each year?

Calvin Brooks: Good question, firstly the size of the football club, every player wants to play in front of big crowds and at big stadiums. The fans come out in force to support us and that creates a great atmosphere to play in. Secondly I would have to say the club feels like home to me now, that’s down to all the staff, Volunteers and fans.

BC: Now that Mark Molesley is Weymouth’s manager, would you say there are any significant changes that affect you as a a player?

CB: The new manager has implemented many changes and the lads are responding extremely well, Mark has brought in players he knows and trusts and importantly these players trust him. Personally I know the manager sees me playing more at  right back this season rather than centre half, I’m enjoying learning more about the game and becoming a better all round player for the team.

BC: With pre-season well under way, are there any aspects of your game that you are focusing on and predominantly trying to improve in order to better your game?

CB: Definitely, especially adjusting to a new position, there is always so much to work on. Two areas I am focusing on are my crossing and throw ins having not had to take them before in my career, although the cross for Brandon’s goal last week wasn’t too bad.

BC: Having been at the club for several seasons you must have experienced many highs and lows are there any moments that stand out as being your favourite moment in a Claret and Blue shirt?

CB: I have many fond memories of my years at this club but one moment that stands out was Dorchester away on Boxing Day a few years ago, we won 3-0 Yetts scored a rubbish penalty that barely reached the goal through the swamp we were playing on, then the mighty Tim Sills scoring that header at the back post and I remember celebrating in the torrential rain, what a day.

BC: With the 2017/18 campaign fast approaching, which aspect of next season are you looking forward to the most?

CB: I’m just looking forward to getting back at it, we’ve all had our time  off on the beach with our girlfriends etc but let’s be honest I’d much rather be crossing the white line at the Bobby Lucas looking for 3 points.

BC: If you had to pick a teammate to fill the vacant ‘club captain’ role, who would you pick? What are your reasons for your selection?

CB: That’s a difficult one, but I would probably go with Wellsy. No one loves this football club more than he does, he’s the longest serving player and although he’s not the most vocal he leads by example. Whoever the staff decide to take the arm band will have big boots to fill but they will get the backing of all the lads.

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